Chihuahua dressed up in frog outfit staying warm in cold winter weather snow

According to the 2019 Happiness Report from the United Nations, if you want to live a happy life, you’re likely to spend a lot of it bundled up from the cold. The 10 countries topping the 156 page report (which coincidentally ranked 156 countries) are all winter wonderlands.

The U.N. Happy Country Report

  1. Finland: Winter temperatures are often as low as -22oF in parts
  2. Denmark: The mean temperature in July is 63oF.
  3. Norway: “For those who come from warm and sunny places, the weather is an attraction in itself”–
  4. Iceland:  One of their glacier packs is the size of Puerto Rico. 
  5. Netherlands: Last year the canals in Amsterdam froze solid.
  6. Switzerland: The Alps cover 65% of Switzerland.
  7. Sweden: You can stay in a hotel that is MADE OF ICE.
  8. New Zealand: New Zealand hosts more penguin species than any other country.
  9. Canada: If they didn’t invent outdoor Ice Hockey, they perfected it.
  10. Austria: Home of 438 Ski Resorts

Gallup Poll Disagrees

But before you trade in your Prozac for a parka, another research organization disagrees with the United Nations. Take a look at the 2019 Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index, in which Hawaii ranked as the happiest US state for the 7th year in a row. The average “winter” temperature in Hawaii is 78oF, so it’s definitely not the cold air that’s blowing sunshine up people’s grass skirts.

Still, there might be something to this cold-weather theory because the US states ranking second through ninth are a famously frigid group: Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Vermont, Delaware, South Dakota, and North Dakota. 


While neither of the studies concludes that humans find particular joy in shoveling snow, salting their walkways, or paying more for toilet paper than anywhere else in the world (that’s Hawaii), people living in the top-ranking locales report greater feelings of well-being in general.

The studies measured factors such as feelings of connection, a community with social support, financial and personal freedom, and a healthy lifestyle.

So, whether you’re trapped indoors with people driving you bonkers (aka Cabin Fever) or you’re trapped on an island with people driving you bonkers (aka Island Fever), eventually you’ll probably feel connected to those people and build a strong sense of community.

It appears that in the right social environment, even if you’re chilled to the bone, you can still feel like you’re chillin’ on an island paradise.

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Robots will intentionally forgot to include napkins or straws inside of your to-go orders so that the experience is authentic. (Source: Robotics and Automation News)

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Public Toilets on the Blink Dampen the Mood

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Woman suffering from PTSD (Poop Transfer Surprise Disorder) after being violated.

Protesters are demanding that solutions to this nasty problem be implemented immediately. Angry rejectionists are protesting the auto sensors by leaving wet seats un-wiped and, in some severe cases, seat covers un-flushed. Law enforcement officials are at a loss for how to regulate the attacks. Many food industry and gas station employees on janitorial duty have been shocked and dismayed, following an ambush. Statistics show that severe cases of Entamaphobia, the fear…

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Comedy is the Most Effective News Format for Millennials


Editor’s Note: This was originally an academic paper I wrote in APA style for a class during my studies in Strategic Communications. However, it holds weight for why comedy should be taken very seriously when it comes to delivering news topics to younger generations effectively.

What is the Most Effective News Format for Millennials?

            A meme pops up in your Facebook feed.  It makes a bold claim about a presidential candidate that seems questionable.  You make your way to YouTube and a comedian cracks jokes about an opposing candidate on a satirical news show.  Are these reliable sources of information?  Is our youth a victim of “fake news”?  Growing technology use is an inevitable part of modern society.  Amidst this fact, the common spread of misinformation across the internet has caused public concern among older generations (Brandon, 2019).  The assumption that Millennials are misinformed about today’s affairs…

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However, once Donald Trump popped onto the scene with his over 10,000 lies, Political Fact Checkers became heroes.   They began to receive bi-lines, guest spots on news programs, and even their own offices.

So much cozier than mom’s basement!

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Ayahuasca A Psychedelic Laxative

Every year, thousands of people travel to the Peruvian Amazon to take part in an incredible ritual. Often by firelight, Shamanic Spirit Guides offer a mental and emotional release by way of Ayahuasca. At some point in ancient human history, someone discovered that adding an MAOI inhibitor to Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), would make the user trip balls. That must have been an amazing day in the jungle. Image the surprise!

People often seek out Ayahuasca to purge or overcome mental anguish from previous trauma.  Scientific brain scans have shown that this therapy significantly decreases activity in the areas of the brain associated with trauma (AsapSCIENCE). There is also a less discussed side effect of Ayahuasca use, it makes you poop your pants. 

It all finally makes sense.
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After days of criticism regarding the Trump Administrations “Zero Tolerance” policy towards migrants and the treatment of children in custody; the Administration has decided to take un-precedented steps in what they are calling a “show of solidarity” for these children.

In what she is calling her “final” press conference (we can only hope) Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a crowd of baffled reporters that the Trump Administration has decide not to shower or brush their teeth until all the children in DHS custody are able to shower themselves.  Sanders reported that even though the President is at the G-20 summit he is committed to this new policy and will refrain from any personal hygiene during his trip.


Speaking to the press upon his arrival at the g20 summit President Trump explained that after speaking with his…

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