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Want to be a part of Shiz Daily? Submit your correspondent/reporter video package and/or article with a humorous voice from a progressive perspective. If your video and/or article is accepted, you will be fully credited for your work and it will be published on our site (and beyond).

Please include the following in every submission:

1. Your author name, a short bio about you, and a headshot/photo of your face.

2. Any photos used (not of your face; but within the article or in the video) need to either be taken directly by you, public domain (for example, from Wikimedia Commons), or from Envato Elements. Always provide a source link to where you got your photos so we can provide proper credit. Please specify if you have full rights to any photos because you or someone who gave you permission (that you know or hired) took the photos and be prepared to provide licensing or other evidence.

3. Your article information sources. ALWAYS cite the source of where you got your information. Don't forget a catchy title and content in a humorous style with a progressive voice/perspective. See other articles on this website for examples. Please put commas between tags (example: tag1, tag2, tag3)

DISCLAIMER: This site/show is run by a liberal marginalized group of feminists and Millennials. So, if you're a die-hard FOX supporting conservative who hates women, loves guns, and believes there is a superior race -- we just might be your very worst nightmare and you may want to reconsider your submission. You're welcome.
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